About Kim

Kim paints part of the year at her home studio in Long Crandon, Buckinghamshire, where she lives with her husband David. Now that their three sons have grown up, she paints much of the year from her second home studio in sunny Ibiza.

Always considered a talented artist at school, Kim also had a strong interest in science and healthcare. She worked for 16 years as a dental surgeon with a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. In her forties, Kim shifted her art skills from teeth to faces in the newly emerging field of aesthetic medicine, successfully founding Crendon Skin Clinic.

In lockdown 2020, Kim, like many people, decided to re-evaluate her direction and finally follow her long-held dream to paint fine art full-time. Kim enrolled and re-trained with the Milan Institute of Art and is now completely focused on life as a full-time contemporary artist.

Kim's artworks are an uplifting connection and appreciation of life around us. She paints joyous abstracted imagery, warm relationships, and often includes animals and people.

Kim paints in many layers using a variety of materials. Her mixed media may include charcoal, texture pastes, inks, spray paints, marker pens, crayons, digital techniques, acrylics, pastels, and oil paints. She explores the alchemy of paint layers and different effects all the time. She can be accurate in detail but also very free and loose, allowing the picture to paint itself.